Ohio Valley Haunts
Reviewed 10/5/08
Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall
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7700 Seward Rd / Mt. Healthy, OH
(513) 729-1974
Friday & Saturday 8 - 11 p.m. thru 11/1
Sundays 7 - 9 p.m
$10 - ($2 discount with canned good)
$15 Fast Pass (no discount)
Free Parking at Duval School (Compton Rd.)
MT. HEALTHY HAUNTED HALL A frightening cemetery is the host for the queue line outside The Haunted Hall.  The old graveyard is home to rats, a spooky looking fountain of blood, and an undead body (animation) making one final attempt to escape its earthen tomb!  A skeletal watchman, guards the premises peering down from an upstairs window with illuminated eyes, and mysteriously waving a lantern back and forth.  Inside The Hall, an ominous looking staircase, shadowed by a flying ghost, leads to a dark corridor containing secret, sliding panels that surprisingly reveal a variety of startling attacks prior to a darkened encounter with a spark shooting maniac!  An agitated ghoul hotel attendant waits impatiently at Motel Hell quickly ushering guests to a nearby elevator, and ordering them to “push the button.”  The doors slide open, and a second, equally irate worker invites you inside, demanding to know your destination.  The elevator buzzes and thrashes about, eventually delivering you to some unknown location, characterized by screams and the annual visit to Dracula’s Chamber, without which the adventure wouldn’t be complete!  Exiting through an upright coffin, undoubtedly one of The Count’s favorites, leads to the outdoor section of the haunt, where sirens blare, and you pay homage to Norman’s mother at the Bates Motel!  Even The Devil himself must be dealt with, as old Beelzebub demands visitors bow down before him and crawl their way out of his eternal grasp!  Escaping into a foggy corridor brings about a brief mirror maze, followed by a clown room containing a spinning floor that turns you every which way but loose before permitting you to stumble onto the scene of a horrific accident that’s just occurred at a vicious bloody workshop.  Still to come are a disorienting vortex, and the all new Dead or Alive Funeral Home” that houses a few unexpected surprises of its own.  They take care of any “BODY,” as does a merciless guillotine that proudly displays the head of its last victim en route to the patented maze finish that completes the 19th season of the Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall.

LENGTH - 8, Difficult to determine a precise time, due to the uncertainty of the maze, but approximately 15 mins. with the addition of several new scenes. 
ACTORS - 7, Elevator crew is best and Dracula is an annual favorite.  Attraction would benefit from additional adult actors, and better utilization of children in non scare roles, or behind secret panels.  Elimination of Executioner and chainsaw maniac chase into the maze are steps in the wrong direction.  Devil’s return is most welcome, although the character’s not aggressive enough.
SCARINESS - 7½, Appropriate background music complements the frights.  Actors are well hidden and deliver multiple timely scares in just about every scene.  Need to raise the intensity to better the score.
PROPS - 8, Good, scary décor, a few pneumatics, and some unique surprises you won't see anyplace else.  Spinning floor is most unique and drop down wall panels provide three consecutive scares, not just one.  Drac’s casket door, and hidden maze passages are simply fantastic!  New funeral setting is meticulously detailed.  Trademark dropping chandelier was most conspicuous by its absence. 
DESIGN - 8½, 15 plus scenes including the outdoor course, which has been expanded into the yard next door.  To their credit, they make the most out of every inch of space inside The Hall itself, with scenes distanced as close together as possible.  Spinning vortex and floor are used to initiate a state of disorientation prior to entering the cleverly designed dark maze.  Glad to see some fresh, new scenes this year making the experience longer than ever before.  New funeral parlor is best, but a little too uneventful from an acting standpoint.  Return of the classic Devil scene is a positive as last year’s encounter wasn’t nearly as impressive, but the performance needs to be intensified, as mentioned above.
VALUE - 9½, An expanded course and no price increase for 2008 – still just $8 with a canned good donation!  The price can’t be beat considering the entertainment value!
RATING:  8, This well kept secret is perhaps the best non-profit haunt in existence – always enjoyable, and annually, one of our local favorites!  Customers and their families always leave happy and talking about what a good time they’ve had.  If you’ve never been before, what are you waiting for?  And if you’ve visited previously, you know you want to go back!  Just don’t ask me how to get out of the maze… they’ll change it, and it’ll be different before you can get there!  Go with a group, and experience the fun of seeing who gets lost and can’t find their way out!
NOTEThe Mount Healthy Haunted Hall is sponsored by The Madonna Council Knights of Columbus, and Boy Scout Troops 27 and 393.  Annual special “Lights up - Lighter scares for the Little Ones” event will be held on Oct. 26th from 6:00 - 6:45 pm before the haunted house opens for real scares.  Cost of the "Lights Up" event is $5.00 for children and NO CHARGE FOR ADULTS.  Kids will receive treats as they go through the Hall, and adults will be given a “Buy One/Get One” admission coupon valid for the regular evening run.  Please note that canned good or coupon discounts will not be honored for the family friendly performance.